Product features

An intricate double-layered mesh of breathable film and non-woven fabric provides the wearer with adequate viral protection.

  • Highest grade of international Antiviral standards (ISO 16603, ISO 16604, ASTM F1670, ASTM F1671 pass)
  • Antiviral performance verification from accredited testing laboratories (Korea KATRI, USA Nelson Lab, Japan KAKEN)
  • Double-layered mesh combining breathable film and non-woven fabric
  • Moisture permeable, breathable, waterproof, oilproof


EN 14126


F 1670

USA Nelson Lab

F 1671

USA Nelson Lab


Item Unit Measuring value Standard
Size g/m2 62.0 Measured with electric scale (0.001g)
Thickness 227.0  
Tensile strength MD N 88.0 TEST SPEED: 100mm/min
CD 45.0
elongation rate
MD % 85.0
CD 145.0
Tearing strength MD N 16.0 ISO 13937-2 : 2000
CD 14.0
Water transmittance g/m2/24hr 2,901.0 ASTM E96
Moisture defence Fabric kPa 26.0 AATCC 127
  • Before using the protective clothing, be sure to check for defects such as breakage and folding or any other abnormality.
  • Do not use in temperatures above 212°F or near fire, flame, and spark. Extreme heat may lead to destruction of protective clothing and severe burns.
  • Additional equipment may be required for specialized tasks. Selection and usage of additional medical equipment must be decided based on the user’s needs and discretion.
  • After use, contaminated products must be properly decontaminated in accordance with proper safety regulations.

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